Steroids for sale are used for a number of cosmetic related reasons but one must keep in mind that stronger the steroid, stronger the effects but damages are worse and vice versa. To find comparatively safer steroids, one should always seek out professional advice and follow their recommendations when taking them. Let’s look at Anavar, which has become very popular and an increase in Anavar buy online aspect was seen.


Anavar is an FDA approved anabolic steroid that is labelled as number one in terms of safety. It is the synthetic derivative of di-hydro testosterone. It is also available with the name of oxandrolone. Individuals buy Anavar as it is highly effective for the purpose of fat burning and body shaping by preserving lean muscle mass and also helping in gaining slight number of muscles.

Anavar is one of the most searched and purchased steroid that can be procured from online website without any prescription. Men and women who want to reduce their body fat while keeping their lean muscular mass. It also helps in gaining approximately 10lbs of muscles per cycle.


Mechanism via which Anavar helps in stripping off the fat content are as follows:

  • Quickening the synthesis of amino acids by muscles by storing more nitrogen.
  • It dis-integrates sub-cutaneous and visceral fat giving a slim trimmed look.
  • Increased red blood cell production improves stamina, endurance, and blood oxygen saturation.
  • Stamina and post work-out fatigue is also catered by using Anavar.
  • Also helps in recovering from the damages caused to the muscles during exercise and training sessions.


People buy Anavar online to treat the conditions listed below:

  1. Treatment of osteoporosis specially in women after menopause.
  2. Also used as a pharmacological aid in the people suffering from muscle wasting disorders.
  3. Also prescribed to minimize the side effects of corticosteroids therapy.
  4. As a performance enhancing agent by the power lifters, body builders and athletes.
  5. For weight loss purpose in cutting cycles.
  6. Famous among the obese individuals for weight loss.
  7. Fashion models and women also buy steroids online for their weight loss transformations.


It is an orally consumed steroid available which one can buy Anavar online USA in the pill form in the strength of 5 mg and 10 mg. comes packaged in bottles, each holding 60 pills.


Anavar is taken in cycle form for example for cutting cycle the minimal dose can start from as low as 2.5mg and can go up to 20 mg. The average cycle lasts four to six weeks. Due to its nearly nonexistent masculinization and female-friendly characteristics, Anavar is often known as the “girls’ steroid.” Being female-friendly does not preclude men from pursuing it. Anavar has benefits for both sexes, albeit there are subtle differences in dosage and reducing cycle length. Maximum results can be achieved if Anavar is combined with calorie deficient protein rich diet and work out.


Dose is usually higher starts from 30 mg per day. The dose can be increased in increments of 10mg till the desired effects achieved. Maximum dosage can be up to 100mg. Up to 10 weeks can be added to the cycle. Dose must be tapered off slowly to give body enough time to cater for the intrinsic testosterone suppression.


Anavar is one of the safest and legal gear steroids to start with because of its mild nature in terms of adverse effects. It is mild on liver and other vital organs. The negative consequences start to show up at considerably higher levels, such as:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Headache
  4. Oily skin (increase in oil production by sebaceous glands)
  5. Acne (also initiate or exaggerate if already present)
  6. Allergic rash
  7. Low sex drive (libido)
  8. Clitoral enlargements in females
  9. Menstrual irregularities
  10. Reduced breast size
  11. Alopecia (hair loss)
  12. Suppression of natural testosterone production
  13. Joint pain (due to water retention)
  14. Liver issues (one should not take this drug if already one has a compromised liver, if necessary, liver supporting diet or supplements should be included in the diet)


Anavar is available without prescription on almost all of the online working pharmaceuticals. One can get it delivered at door step and start with the cutting cycle to get their desired shape. It preserves lean muscles and dissolves fat with minimal androgenic side effects of anabolic steroids. One can achieve desired effects on lower doses with minimal to zero side effects. 


There are several reasons why Anavar is considered a relatively safe steroid:

1. Low androgenic effects:

Anavar has low androgenic effects, which means that it is less likely to cause virilization (development of male characteristics) in women, such as deepening of the voice, facial hair growth, and clitoral enlargement.

2. Low toxicity:

Anavar is a 17-alpha-alkylated steroid, which means that it is modified to pass through the liver without being broken down. However, Anavar has been found to have relatively low toxicity compared to other 17-alpha-alkylated steroids.

3. Minimal side effects:

Anavar is associated with minimal side effects, which can include acne, hair loss, and changes in lipid profiles. However, these side effects are generally mild and can be managed with proper dosing and monitoring.

4. Low risk of aromatization:

Anavar does not convert to estrogen, which means that it is not associated with the negative effects of estrogen, such as water retention, gynecomastia (male breast development), and increased fat deposition.

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